Meanwhile Gardens


Meanwhile Gardens is a community garden in the heart of an inner-city London neighbourhood. The 4 acre site is on the border of North Kensington and Westminster, in the richest borough of one the richest mega-cities in the world. However, its immediate surroundings are amongst the poorest in the country.

Today, people come from all around, from all walks of life, to plant, to garden, to nurture a bit of earth. We need to come together to look after it. To repair Meanwhile is a lesson in how we must come to treat the whole world.

And as we take care of the gardens in this way, the gardens will take care of us in return.

What's on in the Garden

  • Playhut open all weekdays 2-5pm. Parents with under 6's welcome
  • Volunteering in the gardens
  • Open Evening - Wed 6th Nov 6pm-9pm at the Factory Building
  • Steel pan with Metronomes at the Factory Building

Ecology and wellbeing

  • Hedge building
  • Tiny Green Fingers gardening sessions for children under 6yrs
  • Moroccan Garden and ponds
  • Wildlife Garden

Garden facts

  • Award winning community garden
  • Aswad's Live and Direct album was recorded at Meanwhile Gardens
  • Home to one of London's oldest skateparks
  • A community garden built on former derelict land in 1976

What's On


Our history and our current campaign for the Factory

Our tenure at the Factory building continues to be precarious - this cannot last.

Posted on 28 Jul 2019 by Tony Full article ...

Community Empowerment & Community Gardens

What is empowerment and why is it at the heart of our vision for the garden?

Posted on 17 Apr 2019 by Tony Full article ...

Where we've got to & how you can help

We've met lots of people, we've got the word out ... we now want to bring those people together in various ways, to continue the conversation.

Posted on 14 Jul 2019 by Tony Full article ...

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What people say

I've always thought it would be good to have somewhere to get a coffee or cold drink while enjoying the restful atmosphere


It doesn’t need improving. It’s a wonderful place and has been a life saver for me and my daughter


To be honest, I strongly hope that there will be no changes made to the gardens, except general upkeep and maintenance. Over the last years, some bushes and trees were removed, so it'd be nice to get replacements, but other than that, I would love for it to stay the way it is - free of commercial activity, clean, green, beautifully planted, with benches, quiet. It's an oasis for all of us who live so close to the Westway, Harrow Road, the W Park bus garage and train station, the train line itself, and the Heathrow flightpath not too far away.


Need public toilets


Add bins. Rubbish and dog poo. Improve the tow path. Control cyclists .drinking fountain. Mobile coffee stall. Back to events and music. Festival atmosphere. Child friendly


The gardens are so inspiring - a completely different type of space in the inner city. Can we organise weekend community gardening events - planting, cooking etc? What does it take?

Tony 10 Jun 2019

I really like Meanwhile Gardens! But also I think my dad is working too much ... to concentrate on his kids ..

Paloma 10 Jun 2019

I would like the skate park improved, snore, snore, snore ... wake up, I want to go to Meanwhile Gardens now!

Reuben 10 Jun 2019

I walk through Meanwhile Gardens regularly. I wouldn't want anything to change. I would like to see the gardens continue to have peaceful space and play space. It is good that the community have came together to create this wonderful garden.

Josie B 1 Aug 2019

Visiting the gardens

The gates to the gardens are always open and anyone are welcome to visit and use tha gardens. The polytunnel is only Open 10am – 4pm. Please always remember to clean up after yourself, and be friendly and respectful to other people using the gardens