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Grow Meanwhile - what have we achieved after year 1 of the campaign and where now?

Grow Meanwhile - What Have We Achieved After Year 1 Of The Campaign And Where Now?

Posted in Our journey on Mon 17 Feb '20 by Tony

1-year on - we celebrate all we have achieved, we remember the Grenfell victims to whom we owe our current success, and we look forward to what we hav
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Our history and our current campaign for the Factory

Our History And Our Current Campaign For The Factory

Posted in Our journey on Sun 28 Jul '19 by Tony

Our tenure at the Factory building continues to be precarious - this cannot last.
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Where we've got to & how you can help

Where We've Got To & How You Can Help

Posted in Our journey on Sun 14 Jul '19 by Tony

We've met lots of people, we've got the word out ... we now want to bring those people together in various ways, to continue the conversation.
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4 Acres of Freedom

4 Acres Of Freedom

Posted in Our journey on Thu 25 Apr '19 by Tony

How the gardens grew out of a spirit of community empowerment, and why we need you to join in renewing that spirit right now
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Community Empowerment & Community Gardens

Community Empowerment & Community Gardens

Posted in Our journey on Wed 17 Apr '19 by Tony

What is empowerment and why is it at the heart of our vision for the garden?
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